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Managing MS Symptoms

Few neurological diseases have such a wide range of symptoms as multiple sclerosis, and they often amplify during relapses.  Fatigue, numbness, cog fog, vision issues, bladder problems, spasticity, weakness, walking difficulties,balance, constipation, overheating, ewww.
Here’s some advice.

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MS Relapse?!  Read. This. Now.

  • How to handle a multiple sclerosis flare up

  • How maybe NOT to handle an MS relapse

  • What you should definitely NOT do

  • The worst possible time to get a relapse and how I handled it

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Fatigue! The Worst MS Symptom?

  • Debilitating MS fatigue

  • How to explain it to friends in easy-to-understand terms

  • Tricks to cope

  • The art of bending the spoon theory

  • Getting a handicapped placard

dave outside with bedside commode.jpg

Bathroom Issues, Tips & Tricks EXPOSED

  • MS bladder urgency

  • Dealing with incontinence

  • How to manage constipation

  • Disposable underwear (aka diapers)

  • The toilet rules friends and family must follow

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Overheating with MS

  • The best types of cooling vests for multiple sclerosis

  • A complete guide to coping with summer heat

  • How warm days can thwart the best of plans

  • Taking the ultimate hot challenge

Dave at White Sands NP with forearm crut

Walking, Weakness and Balance

  • The inherent dangers of using furniture as a walking aid

  • How video games can help improve your balance

  • Tricks for hiking when you've got weak legs

Blurry Store

Blurry Vision, Numbness, Cog Fog, and More!

  • Debilitating cognition fogginess and forgetfulness

  • Blurry vision and other eyesight issues

  • The agony of sensory overload

  • Creeping multiple sclerosis numbness

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