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Finding Balance

Life with a disability is a delicate balancing act. You must do things differently, starting with your adjusting your attitude.  Once that gets straightened, it’s time to rediscover yourself and
rework your home life.

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Adjusting Attitudes

  • When shouldering the burdens of MS, there's a trick to adjusting your attitude

  • A story about an MS optimist (who, me?!)

  • How to be fantastic with multiple sclerosis

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Rediscovering Mojo

  • Stop comparing yourselves to others, including the old you

  • The importance of taking a SEAT

  • Laughing just for the sake of laughing

  • How to recapture your youthful spirit

dave in a wheelchair with toddler niece.

In the Home

  • Asking for help in the kitchen

  • Shopping when you have a disability

  • Kids and their fear of wheelchairs

  • Accidents and falls in the home

  • Easy cooking recipes

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