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Cooling Vests, Sun-Safe Umbrellas and Other Cooling Gear

types of cooling vests explained:

ice, phase change, evaporative, battery-powered and more  //

exhaustive tests and reviews of nearly 2 dozen vests //  discount coupon codes

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Choosing a Cooling Vest for MS

ActiveMSers is the internet’s leading resource for cooling vest information. This exhaustive guide details every factor you need to consider before purchasing a cooling vest for your disability. Includes links to free programs and exclusive discounts for members.

20 min read

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Cooling Products

From cooling wraps and cooling sheets to portable air conditioners and cryotherapy, members of ActiveMSers discuss and share their personal experience—what works and what doesn’t—with cooling gear for multiple sclerosis.


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Keeping Medication Cold

Some medications for chronic illnesses—e.g., interferons and glatiramer acetate for multiple sclerosis and insulin for diabetics—need to be temperature controlled or refrigerated. Transporting these DMTs requires care, and ActiveMSers has uncovered an alarming concern.

12 min read

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Sun-Protective Umbrellas

Does a sun-protective umbrella really keep you cooler than a standard umbrella? ActiveMSers put that surprising theory to the test and the result was equally surprising. Yes, and the difference was significant: up to 11 degrees cooler.  This is what to look for in your next umbrella.

4 min read

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