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Inspiration & Motivation

Getting motivated and inspired to play with multiple sclerosis can sometimes be a challenge. Don’t let it be. There are ways to overcome. To celebrate. And even to find acceptance with this
frustrating new normal.

dave biking with friends.jpg


  • Techniques for staying motivated to exercise

  • Five favorite fitness hacks for multiple sclerosis

  • An innovative trick to stay inspired

  • The internet’s best collection of MS exercise research

dave finishing bikeMS on trike.jpg


  • Celebrating your successes with multiple sclerosis

  • How to steal back your active passions

  • Finding bliss with a disability

  • Triumphs at the beach and on the playground

dave recumbent bike bosque albuquerque.j


  • Accepting my new normal on the bike trail

  • Acknowledging the advances of disability on the tennis court

  • An interview with an ice hockey star with MS

  • A public thank you

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