Sit Down Before Reading: An Epic Medical Memoir

a medical memoir unfolding in real time  //  laugh, cheer, cry, scream  //  
reading every word recommended - the details could save your life  

prepare for 20+ episodes  //  new installments released here Wednesdays

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The story I’m going to tell you will challenge you to reexamine life with a progressive disease, send shockwaves throughout the disabled community, rewrite the rulebook of healthcare and potentially change your entire future. That’s all.

2 min read

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Sit Down Before Reading

That’s the exact subject line of the email I sent my medical team. A message that would ultimately save my life. You’ll better understand after you read this. And I apologize in advance because you should probably take that advice, too.

4 min read

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100 Meters

If I was going to have a chance to avoid entering a nursing home in my early 40s, all I had to do was walk 100 meters. That's all. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


I was so screwed.

5 min read

Coming 5/18