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Walking, Weakness and Balance

the inherent dangers of using furniture as a walking aid  //

how video games can help improve your balance  // 

tricks for hiking when you've got weak legs  //  grocery store scooters

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Perils of Furniture Surfing with MS

If you’ve ever had walking issues due to multiple sclerosis, you are bound to have experience in the sport of surfing, specifically furniture/wall/appliance surfing, eschewing practical walking aids. And boy,
that can be a major mistake as I discovered.

3 min read

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Grocery Store Scooters

I had finally caved to leg weakness brought on by multiple sclerosis. I opted to use one of those complimentary mobility scooters to do my grocery shopping. But this time there was a problem: the battery died. And the situation got worse.

4 min read




Video Games for Balance

Using video games for exercise took off with the Nintendo Wii Fit and scientists researching the trend coined a new term to describe it: exergaming. They also discovered something rather surprising: it helps those with disabilities, and it’s fun.

7 min read

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Balance OR DIE

Exploring nature and the brilliant outdoors with multiple sclerosis is all fun and games… until you come upon rickety, bouncy wooden bridges that threaten to tumble you off to your certain doom. This is how I survived the delicate balancing act.

4 min read

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Dave hiking on a trail with forearm crut


Hiking with Leg Weakness

Going on a hike is supposed to be enjoyable, but when leg weakness and fatigue tried to muscle into my enjoyment this one time, I had to deploy smart techniques to manage the balance between endurance and exhaustion—in order to enjoy a well-deserved microbrew.

3 min read

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