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Walking Aids: Walkers, Forearm Crutches, Canes

breaking down all the best walking aids for multiple sclerosis:

walkers and rollators to forearm crutches and canes  //
research AFOs  //  review FES solutions

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Reviewing Forearm Crutches

Choosing the best forearm crutches for your walking issues can be complicated with so many options. But a few designs rise far above the fray. ActiveMSers has tested and reviewed a range of Canadian/lofstrand crutches and these are our recommendations.

15 min read

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Research AFOs, WalkAide, Bioness

Ankle-foot orthotics have been helping combat foot drop and toe drag for decades, while the newer functional electrical stimulation (FES) systems have new converts and huge fans. Members chime in on the forum with their experiences and recommendations.


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Trekking Poles for a Disability

Trekking poles improve your stability and help you keep your balance—and they are one of the most overlooked walking aids. By using both poles you can better distribute your weight, lightening the workload on your legs and lessening fatigue.

12 min read

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Research the Best Walkers and Rollators

Walkers and rollators come in a variety of styles and configurations—no wheels, two wheels, three wheels and four wheels. Some are even sexy and stylish and can go off road. Our members in the forum chat about their faves and recommendations.


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Answering Inevitable Gimp Questions

When you use walking aids—and are under the age of 70—you are going to get questions. People are curious and have an unquenchable desire to eat one's own foot. This is particularly true when using trekking poles away from the trail.

3 min read

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