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Sports & Recreation

Athletic passions don’t have to end with a chronic illness diagnosis. Discover fellow cyclists, runners, snowboarders, marathoners, martial arts experts, skiers, kayakers, tennis
players, horseback riders and more.

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  • The definitive handbook for cycling with multiple sclerosis

  • A trial of trikes and handcycles leads to a surprising review

  • An epic bike tale

  • Handcycling with MS

Dave hiking on a trail with forearm crut

Running, Hiking & Triathlon

  • Mark Van Meter could barely walk because of MS and now he is an Ironman

  • How one novice runner fought through fatigue to finish her first marathon

  • Jogging and faith

dave adaptive skiing with chair lift.jpg

Skiing and Snowboarding

  • Taking up snowboarding with multiple sclerosis

  • Learning to ski with MS

  • Adaptive skiing and boarding with guides

  • Hitting the slopes on the other side of the world

dave playing pickleball.jpg

More Sports

  • Playing tennis with multiple sclerosis

  • Learning roller derby with a chronic illness

  • Horseback riding as hippotherapy

  • Kayaking with MS

  • Mastering the martial arts

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