Helpful Disability Aids

Here, ActiveMSers reviews disability aids for multiple sclerosis: walking aids (walkers, rollators, canes, forearm crutches, trekking poles), rolling aids (wheelchairs, scooters), driving hand controls, cooling vests and more.

Walking Aids: Walkers, Forearm Crutches, Canes

  • Breaking down all of the best walking aids for multiple sclerosis from
    walkers and rollators to forearm crutches and canes

  • Research on recommended ankle foot orthotics (AFOs)

  • Review functional electrical stimulation (FES) solutions

Wheelchairs, Scooter, the Alinker

  • The best types of wheelchairs and scooters for multiple sclerosis

  • Alinker

  • All-terrain wheelchairs

  • Ultra-lightweight travel scooters

Cooling Vest Reviews, Sun Safe Umbrellas, Other Cooling Gear

  • Types of cooling vests explained—ice, phase change, evaporative,
    battery-powered and more

  • Exhaustive tests and reviews of nearly two dozen vests

  • Discount coupon codes

Driving with a Disability, Hand Controls, Handicap Placards

  • The biggest hazard with hand controls—not using hand controls

  • Essential handicap parking guidelines

  • Abusing the blue placard has consequences

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