Overheating with MS

the best types of cooling vests for multiple sclerosis  //

a complete guide to coping with summer heat  // 

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Choosing a Cooling Vest for MS

ActiveMSers is the internet’s leading resource for cooling vest information. This exhaustive guide details every factor you need to consider before purchasing a cooling vest for your disability. Includes links to free programs and exclusive discounts for members.

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Summer Guide to Managing Heat with MS

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society released this valuable resource for staying cool during the summer heat and leaned heavily on the expertise of yours truly for advice and recommendations. They even put me on their magazine’s front cover.

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Overheating with MS

When you have multiple sclerosis, it's understandable if you want to live life in a safe bubble. Don't.  Sometimes that means doing stupid stuff. Like getting in a hot tub when you are extremely heat sensitive. Just be smart about it.

2:20 min

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Managing a Heat Wave While Traveling

When a heat wave descended on our Greek adventure to see the Acropolis, the ancient citadel featuring the legendary Parthenon in Athens, it presented a challenge. But then no shade, a beating sun, and a broken elevator turned it into a true odyssey!

4 min read

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Best Hacks for Staying Cool with MS

When the MS Foundation asked me to put together my best tips to prevent overheating with MS, I gave them advice that you can take on the hottest of days. A version of this article appeared in their Summer 2019 edition of MS Focus magazine.

3 min read

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