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Coping With MS Challenges

Fact: there are going to be speedbumps and setbacks in your journey with multiple sclerosis, whether you are newly diagnosed or a grizzled veteran (or even a caregiver). Over the years, Dave and Laura have learned valuable lessons in how to rise to the challenge with gusto and levity.

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Newly Diagnosed? Must Read Advice

  • You're not alone

  • Stupid things people say

  • The enormous mental challenge of getting the news

  • Dangers of surfing the internet

  • Trying to predict your future

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Mandatory Items in Your Toolbox for 
Surviving MS

  • Coping tips galore

  • The hazards of trying to predict your future

  • The best MS websites you should bookmark today

  • The BEST place to live if you have MS

  • No regrets

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Dealing With Setbacks

  • The right way to deal with MS stumbling blocks

  • Accepting that failure is an option

  • An unusual approach to MS bad days

  • How ego can get in the way

  • How to bravely accept failure

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When MS Gets Heavy

  • Urgent advice for managing depression

  • The trauma of losing friends

  • Why getting sick when you have MS is a crusher

  • Don't underestimate the power of this disease

Caregiver Laura with Dave in hospital be

Essential Caregiver Advice

  • How to work smartly with your partner

  • How to cope when your carepartner needs care

  • What NOT to do to the person who is helping you

  • Essential tips

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