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Recommendations for MSers

Exercising with multiple sclerosis is as important as taking a DMT say many neurologists. These guides, tips, and recommendations are from leading MS physical therapists,
professional athletes, and personal experience.


Stretching with MS

  • A guide to stretching with multiple sclerosis

  • A video demonstration of how not to limber up

  • The mind-blowing experience of touching your toes for the first time in years

dave on a trail with forearm

Low Impact Workouts for MS

  • A guide to help you walk farther with MS

  • A review of mat and seated low-impact yoga

  • The benefits of Pilates for MSers

  • The importance of walking as exercise for physical and mental health

dave exercising in a wheelchair.jpg

Strength Training with MS

  • Building upper body strength is critical when you have multiple sclerosis

  • Doing CrossFit when you have MS

  • Worry not—you won’t drown in sweat

  • The risk of exercising too hard

Dave at the gym.jpg

Aerobic Exercise with MS

  • High intensity interval training for multiple sclerosis

  • Treating cognitive dysfunction with cardio exercise

  • How one MSer used HIIT to climb Kilimanjaro

  • Seated exercise video tutorials

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