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MS Relapse?!  Read. This. Now.

how to handle a multiple sclerosis flare up  //  how maybe NOT to handle an MS relapse  //
what you should definitely NOT do  //

the worst possible time to get a relapse and how I handled it

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What You Absolutely Must Know About Multiple Sclerosis Relapses

When a multiple sclerosis relapse strikes, it strikes without warning. And it is always a shocker. But while it may seem like your world (and body) is collapsing, there's something you need to remember. And I’m
not about to spoil the fun, so you best watch.

3:09 min

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Crying in the Face of an MS Relapse

Two and half years from my first attack, suddenly going from the couch to the fridge to get a beer was an ordeal. As the wave of new symptoms slowly rolled in, each swell eroded my confidence. I wasn’t prepared mentally for a relapse. I guess who really is?

3 min read


ms relapses are scary.jpg


Remember This When Fighting an MS Relapse

Multiple sclerosis relapses can be as scary as having a hangry dinosaur relentlessly roaring over your shoulder. Here's some coping advice. As a bonus, the video also includes a cameo of Nathan, my nephew who happens to like dinosaurs.

2:15 min

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