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Bathroom Issues, Tips & Tricks EXPOSED

MS bladder urgency  //  dealing with incontinence  //
how to manage constipation  //  disposable underwear (aka diapers)  //

the toilet rules friends and family must follow

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Toilet Tips: Bladder & Bowel Tricks of the Trade

Frustratingly, bathroom issues and multiple sclerosis often go hand-in-hand, and if you plan to stay active with this disease, odds are you are going to have to deal with potty problems, from gotta-go-NOW urgency to why-the-hell-can’t-I-go constipation.

14 min read

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Life of Pee: Going to the Movies with MS

Before MS, venturing out to movies used to be so easy. Pick up a soda so large you could swim laps in the carbonated sugar water and then make a beeline to the perfect seat--eight rows up, dead center.  With MS? Well, there are new challenges.

4 min read


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The Funniest MS Bathroom Stories Ever

One memorable trip to Europe gave me golden fodder for a trio of hilarious loo escapades (thankfully accident free, so it's funny without being mortifying). WARNING: Do not read with a full bladder, because you will laugh so hard, well, you can put 2+2 together.

5 min read

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Dave discusses stool softeners for MS co


Constipation and Multiple Sclerosis

Got MS constipation? It's time to enter the Matrix and choose your pill. Hint: it's the red one.  Constipation and multiple sclerosis are extremely common, but there are three quick tips that can make your life easier when you can't poop.

3:18 min

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MS Urinary Urgency Rules

Multiple sclerosis and urinary urgency go hand-in-hand with each other. There are some simple rules that you and your friends and family need to be aware of. Reaching the bathroom, the restroom, or the potty in time doesn't have to be traumatic.

2:55 min

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Playing the Disability Card FTW

Allow me to set this stage: I surprised Laura with tickets to see Sting in concert. An outdoor concert. At a grassy community park. In Taos, New Mexico, population 5,668 people. Number of concert tickets sold
to see Sting? 9,000. What could possibly go wrong?

5 min read

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