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Blurry Vision, Numbness, Cog Fog, and More!

debilitating cognition fogginess and forgetfulness  //

blurry vision and other eyesight issues  //  the agony of sensory overload  //

multiple sclerosis neuropathy  //  tight-tight spasticity

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Sick, with MS

We all hate getting sick. But getting sick with an autoimmune disease is a different beast. This is how I handled it. Better than piss-poor, but definitely not that well. But I powered through and you can too. And all I can say is thank God it wasn't the flu.

4 min read

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Coping with Eyesight Issues

Eyesight problems affect about half of those with MS at least once—blurry vision, blindness, double vision, uncontrolled eye movements, graying of vision, you name it—and when they rise up, you need to rise up. Here’s what I did.

4 min read

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Man Looking at Fog


Managing Cognition Challenges

Cognitive issues with MS are maddening. I know you’re smart. You know you’re smart. But this disease doesn’t care—as many as two thirds of people with MS have some level of cognitive impairment. You are not alone, just don’t set your dog aflame!

3 min read

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Creeping Numbness

Numb chest, numb legs, numb arms, numb toes, numb face. Multiple sclerosis sure likes to mess with us. One of my most frustrating symptoms is numb hands. Here is what I want friends and family to understand about this maddening neuropathy.

5 min read

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dave in a purple tunnel in a wheelchair.


Sensory Overload: What It's Like

Explaining to others what it feels like to experience sensory overload is tricky. When loud get-togethers or overcrowded restaurants or rowdy sporting events cease to become enjoyable and just overwhelm.
Tricky, until I stumbled on this art installation.

3 min read

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