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Driving with a Disability, Hand Controls, Handicapped Parking Placard

the biggest hazard of hand controls: not using hand controls  //

essential handicapped parking guidelines  //  abusing the blue placard has consequences

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Hand Controls for Driving

Limiting your driving because of numb feet? Taking more back roads to be “safe”?  Leaving gobs of space between you and other vehicles as a precaution? Don’t be me. Don’t wait like a stubborn idiot to get hand controls so you can safely drive your car.

5 min read

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First Pandemic Road Trip

During the 2020 pandemic, Laura and I hadn’t left Albuquerque in months. But then we hatched a plan. We were going to leave the city limits with our brand new portable toilet and wheelchair-accessible minivan. What could possibly go wrong? Lordy.

6 min read

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Essential Handicap Parking Guidelines

Who can and can’t (or shouldn’t) park in handicapped spaces is a debate people love to have. Which is why I’ve prepared this trusty handicap parking guide so you and your friends and family don’t look like
friggin’ morons. Read it!

7 min read

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Illegal Parking and Blue Placard Abuse

People are going to park illegally in handicapped spaces. And when they do it’s going to piss you off, especially when someone takes YOUR space. This is how I handled it when it happened to me. Did I
crack open a can of whup-ass?

3 min read



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