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Fatigue!  The Worst MS Symptom?

debilitating MS fatigue  //  how to explain it to friends in easy-to-understand terms  //
how to cope  //  the art of bending the spoon theory  //

getting a handicapped placard

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Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis: What it's Like

Fatigue in multiple sclerosis is the most common symptom of the disease, as some 90% of MSers have experienced it. And it is debilitating: 60% call it their worst symptom. But it's invisible to outsiders, partners and friends. It's real and it's a crusher.

2:31 min

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Bending the Spoon Theory

There’s a popular description of having a disability that makes its way eventually into every multiple sclerosis library: the Spoon Theory, a personal analogy of what it is like to live with a disease. But what if you bend that theory and turn it on its head?!

3 min read

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Getting the Handicapped Parking Placard

Was I disabled enough to justify getting a handicapped parking placard for my multiple sclerosis? I thought I qualified, but then again maybe I didn’t. I felt guilty. I didn’t always have fatigue and need to rest. I didn’t always have leg weakness. But still.

3 min read

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