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Essential Travel Advice

Exploring the world—or even just your own backyard—with a disability presents its own unique challenges. Here’s some essential advice to navigating those challenges with a serious shot of motivation and humor.

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Critical Guidance

  • How seizing the day can maximize your travel experience

  • Practical tips to travel the world

  • The reason travel agents are so helpful

  • Members chime in with their best guidance

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Navigating Challenges

  • Pre-flight jitters are natural and healthy—how to harness those concerns

  • When things go wrong on a holiday things often turn out right

  • A woman with PPMS travels on

Dave in forearm crutches near lots of st

Instagram Missives

  • Travel with Dave to over 50 countries around the world

  • Laugh at his experiences of navigating cities with a disability

  • Inspiring travel advice

  • Hilarious thoughts behind the lens

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