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Aerobic Exercise with MS

high intensity interval training (HIIT) for multiple sclerosis  //  

treating cognitive dysfunction with cardio exercise  //  

how one MSer used HIIT to climb Kilimanjaro  //  seated exercise video tutorials

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High Intensity Interval Training for MS

Exercise is hugely beneficial in multiple sclerosis, but interval training—in particular high-intensity interval training (HIIT)—may do the most to improve fatigue and cognition. This detailed how-to guide for MS includes step-by-step instruction and video tips.

18 min read

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Seated Aerobic Exercise for MS

Pilates has the potential to help those with multiple sclerosis in many common problem areas: balance, body awareness, stress, spasticity, and strength to name just a few. As a refreshing mind/body workout, it’s a great alternative—or accompaniment—to tai chi and yoga.

2:54 min

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dave on exercise equipment at the


Banish Cog Fog with Cardio

Good news, bad news. Sorta like hearing that you get free hot dogs (yeah!) … but that you have to eat a dozen of them, buns and all, in ten minutes. Long story short, there is mounting evidence that you can reduce MS cog fog. But like wolfing down 12 dogs, it is going to hurt.

4 min read

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Seated HIIT for MS

Using an upper body ergometer can be an effective way to raise your heart rate well into the cardio zone. This brief example demonstrates an aerobic interval as part of a high intensity interval training program for people with multiple sclerosis.

1:15 min

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sarah conrad at Kilimanjaro summit.jpg


High Intensity Interval Training Pays Off

Sarah Conrad, a year after being diagnosed with MS, was on the summit of Kilimanjaro. The air at 19,341 feet is thin, the brain foggy. But for Sarah, life couldn't have been clearer. She had a plan. Exercise. Relieve stress. Sleep. But first, get down that darn scree field.

8 min read

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