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Stretching with MS

a guide to stretching with multiple sclerosis  //  

a video demonstration of how not to limber up  //

the mindblowing experience of touching your toes for the first time in years

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Leg Stretch


Stretching with MS

When you have multiple sclerosis, stretching might be the most important part of your exercise routine according to a leading MS physical therapist. He explains why that is and provides advice on how to implement a daily routine.

4 min read

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dave stretching with toe in nose.png


A Stretching Demonstration

When you have multiple sclerosis, stretching daily—ideally several times a day—is essential. I demonstrate, in the most humorous way possible, exactly what not to do when you try limber up when spasticity and tightness is your enemy.

1:19 min

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Leg Stretch


Hamstrung with Tight Hamstrings

I had the flexibility of Melba toast. Reaching my kneecaps and maybe—maybe—touching my shins (if I cheated and bent my knees) was my elasticity Everest. Suddenly that all changed, and you can do it, too. And it might be the smartest thing you can do to fight spasticity.

2 min read

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