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Strength Training with MS

building upper body strength is critical when you have multiple sclerosis  //  

doing CrossFit when you have MS  //  worry not - you won't drown in sweat //

the risk of exercising too hard

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The Importance of Building Strength

Strength training with multiple sclerosis, using weights or resistance, can have profound benefits, from improving balance and gait to boosting quality of life and overall strength. But studies suggest it may even slow MS progression and reduce brain atrophy.

2:14 min

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Hidden Dangers of Exercise

What could possibly go wrong if you do a hard MS workout? I discovered that it is indeed possible to injure yourself in such a unique way that you think you are having a heart attack necessitating a trip to the emergency room at 4:21 a.m.

3 min read


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CrossFit and MS

The variety of exercises in CrossFit—let’s flip tires!—helps keep working out entertaining and motivating. Erin Mulvany, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2004, accepted the challenge and has found surprising results.

3 min read

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Drowning in Sweat

NO ONE EVER DROWNED IN SWEAT is a great reminder for anyone with multiple sclerosis. Regular exercise is essential, and unless you frequently end up in the ER for silly reasons and your name is Dave, the odds of drowning in perspiration are exceedingly low.

0:34 min

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