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Cycling with MS

the definitive handbook to cycling with multiple sclerosis  //  

a trial of trikes and handcycles leads to a surprising review  //

an epic bike tale  //  handcycling with MS 

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Cycling with MS

Bicycling with a disability often requires modification, from a recumbent trike (tricycle) for balance to a handcycle. From both personal experience and from veteran riders, this complete guide shows you
everything you need to know to get out—and stay out—on the bike trail.

11 min read

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Bicycle Adventures on the MS150

For some of us with multiple sclerosis, just getting on a bike is an adventure. And then there are others who can bike like they are on the Tour, even as a senior citizen. ActiveMSers’ intrepid cyclist Larry/AMF
Adventures takes readers on an epic ride.

11 min read

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Freedom on a Trike

The moment I start cranking, feelings of liberation, glee, freedom overpowered my multiple sclerosis. MS, what MS? And then in the next moment, feelings of terror and dread took over. For the first time I was “pedaling” a hand-powered adult trike, a handcycle.

5 min read

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Handcycling with MS

Having a disability like multiple sclerosis doesn't mean you have to stop exploring. It just might mean using different tools, like in my case a handcycle. Join me on a brief ride through the woods of New Mexico on a brilliant day.

0:45 min



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