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More Sports with MS

playing tennis with multiple sclerosis //  

learning roller derby with a chronic illness  //  horseback riding as hippotherapy  // 

kayaking with MS  //  mastering the martial arts

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dave plays tennis.jpg


Playing Tennis with MS

Even though we may have mountains to climb to do our active passions, by using enough ropes, a little ingenuity, and, well, bending the rules, at least we’re on that mountain, dagnammit. It might not be pretty, but it’s darn beautiful. Like the game of tennis.

3 min read

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horseback riding with MS.JPG


Horseback Riding with MS

For Martha Skye Martin, “the best part about riding a horse is that once I’m on I’m equal with anyone else around me.” Her horse Breezy has four strong legs to her (on any given day) one to 1.5 legs. But the rhythm of riding helps this equestrian reconnect.

7 min read

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martial arts with MS.jpg


Martial Arts and MS

Sara Gadson was diagnosed six months after she started training in the martial arts style of Shorin Ryu Shorinkan Okinawan Karatedo, a form of karate. In Japanese, attitude is called kimochi. She has a kimochi all her own.

3 min read

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kayaking with MS.jpg


Kayaking with MS

After her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, Suzanne Powell wondered if her physically active lifestyle was over. Kayaking was her passion. Could she keep it up? She started planning for life after kayaking. Fortunately, those plans since have only gathered dust.

3 min read

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roller derby with ms.jpg


Roller Derby with MS

What does one do when one gets diagnosed with multiple sclerosis? Likely reexamine life’s priorities and, perhaps, stretch boundaries. Certainly, Elys Bank never thought she would try out for roller derby.
Until she did. Oh wow.

5 min read

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