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Exercise Motivation

Finding the motivation to exercise can be challenging. Turns out it can be challenging for even professional athletes. What to do? Our own resident pro Kelly Williamson has put together an honest and compelling conversation on exercise motivation.

8 min read

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MS Exercise Research

ActiveMSers has the internet’s largest collection of exercise-related multiple sclerosis research abstracts and complete studies. Does exercise reduce fatigue? Can cardio improve memory? Could exercise have a neuroprotective effect? Get the answers.


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The Real REAL Deal with MS Fitness

When the researchers over at Barts MS Blog approached me to write a guest post about exercise and multiple sclerosis, they likely didn't expect my article, THE REAL, REAL DEAL WITH EXERCISING AND MS, to reach such a salty conclusion. Will it work with you?

4 min read

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5 Ultimate Exercise Hacks for MS

When you have been exercising daily with multiple sclerosis for over a decade despite increasing disability, you learn a few tricks of the trade. This article is a must read and will help you get over even the steepest exercise hump.

5 min read

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