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how to steal back your active passions  //  finding bliss with a disability  //

triumphs at the beach

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Celebrating Small MS Victories

For some, small victories might elicit a shrug. But small victories when you have a disability are just like big victories, only without the fanfare. And we have to celebrate them. Be proud of them, no matter
how insignificant they may seem to an outsider.

3 min read

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Enjoying the Beach Again

When you’ve got an annoyingly pesky disease like multiple sclerosis, some of life’s pleasures become a touch more complicated to enjoy properly. Like the daggers of sand, sun, and heat of the beach. But this time I came prepared with armor.


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dave on hand trike.jpg


Stealing Back Passions

Having multiple sclerosis means there will always be this unwelcome thief trying to swipe joys I have a simple rule: When multiple sclerosis tries to steal your passions, do everything in your power to steal those passions back. Can’t pedal with legs? Then arms it is!

3 min read

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sandhill cranes from a trike.jpg


Bike Trail Bliss

Having a disability like MS challenges you in many ways. But sometimes the disease opens surprising doors, like this adventure on a handcycle that led me directly into a sea of Sandhill cranes who wanted absolutely nothing to do with me.

1:34 min



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