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accepting my new normal on the bike trail  //  

acknowledging the advances of a disability on the tennis court  // 

an interview with an ice hockey star with MS  // a public thank you

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dave on trail with trike.jpg


Letting People Pass

Riding my trike, it was thrilling to take in all the scenery that was passing me by… uh, quite literally passing me by. Speed was irrelevant. “On your left” was the repeated refrain—and I did not care. I finally was cycling again… with my wife, outside, on a brilliant day.

3 min read

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jane bow playing tennis.jpg


Accepting the Advances of MS

Novelist Jane Bow was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis at 56. How did she make peace? By accepting her condition. Surrendering herself to the moment. And by channeling energy—the energy of the sun—to play a sport she loves: tennis.

4 min read

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brian bickell with family.jpg


An Interview with NHL Star Brian Bickell

I interviewed NHL star Bryan Bickell, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 31. After winning three Stanley Cups, Bryan is adjusting to his newest challenge: accepting the diagnosis that forced him to retire from ice hockey.

11:27 min

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bexfield family.jpg


Thank You For Accepting Me

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006, I’ve had help from hundreds, more like thousands of people. Every day I can point to individuals who have made my life just a little bit easier with this disease. Who accept me for who I am. Let’s just say I am more than a little grateful.

4 min read

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