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Dealing with Setbacks

the right way to deal with MS stumbling blocks  //  accepting that failure is an option  //

an unusual approach to MS bad days  //  how ego can get in the way  //

how to bravely accept failure

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Dealing with Setbacks

Professional triathlete Kelly Williamson, a staunch MS advocate and regular contributor to ActiveMSers, shares valuable lessons she’s learned about dealing with setbacks over the years—and why the word
CAN is so empowering.

4 min read

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dave with a walker on the beach.jpg


Falling for MS

Researchers have pinpointed a common danger zone for MSers: the tweener zone, that gray area between needing walking aids and not. Are you there? Beware, ego plays a large role in our will to appear healthy and able-bodied.

3 min read

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dave and laura in a kayak.jpg


Failure is an Option

Kayaking. The getting in part, the staying upright part, the getting out part, and the whole not drowning part were an issue. My brain was skeptical. My brain, wisely, wanted to bail. And then the unthinkable happened. Turns out failure is an option.

4 min read

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dave having a bad day.png


Having a Bad MS Day?

Bad days just happen when you have a progressive neurological disease. That’s just a fact of this life.  And when they do happen, it’s easy to let those bad days overwhelm you. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Dave takes a different route: distraction.

2:43 min



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