When MS Gets Heavy

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Breaking Down MS Depression

Depression is frightfully common in multiple sclerosis, so much so that about half of those with the disease will have at least one major episode. As psychologist Cathleen Julian explains, MS depression is a different animal. But there is sun behind those clouds.

8 min read

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When a Friend with MS Dies

After 30 years of living with multiple sclerosis, my friend Michael McDaniel passed away at the age of 55. News of anyone being taken with the disease many of us share, especially at such a young age, is
disturbing, uncomfortable, frightening. Don’t let it be.

7 min read

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Don't Underestimate MS

This post isn't for newbies. Or for those who don’t want to be reminded about what multiple sclerosis can do to our bodies. Or for those who want a typical Dave happy-go-lucky essay that will make you smile and escape and maybe make you laugh out loud. No, it’s not that. Sorry.

5 min read

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Taking a (Small) Step Back

The heaviness of MS can weigh on even the most optimistic. When I paused ActiveMSers in 2018 for a little R&R and brain vacuuming—I discussed my reasoning here in this personal e-mail to members. A refresh can make a world of difference.

7 min read

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