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Essential Caregiver Advice

how to work smartly with your partner  //  how to cope when your caregiver needs care  //

what NOT to do to the person who is helping you  //  essential tips

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Shocker, Caregivers Are People, Too

Poor Laura, my dear wife and care partner. I pride myself on being a bit stubborn with my feisty multiple sclerosis. Often it works. I’ve done all sorts of unadvisable things. And then there was that fateful night.  We know how this story ends. Not well.

4 min read

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When Patient Becomes Caregiver

You don’t prepare for it—you never do. But when my wife Laura was told the newly discovered lump in her breast was growing quickly and needed to be removed immediately, our roles as patient and caregiver were violently upended.

3 min read


Caregiver Laura with Dave in hospital be


Caregivers, Featuring Laura (and Dave!)

Spiders, staples in skulls, flipping wheelchairs, dishwasher loading and more! Oh, and there is great advice on how to maintain a strong patient / care partner relationship. The podcast is part of Can Do
MS's series on caregivers.

39:46 min

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Laura caring for Dave's central line dur


When Someone You Love Has MS

It was time Laura needed to take on more household tasks. It's all part of the adjustment that comes with taking a bigger role in your loved one's care. Some simple changes can make the transition go easier. Featured in WEB-MD The Magazine.

5 min read

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  • When Laura gets in a head-on collision, Dave is the one who needs help [BLOG]

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