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Best Practices: Coping with Multiple Sclerosis

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Whether you were just diagnosed, are a veteran with years under your belt, or floating in frustrating limbo, coping with this disease can seem as challenging as bathing 100 dogs. I’ve dog-eared for you my favorite tips for managing your MS.

Dog stretching on a park bench
Isn't taking a seat something cats do? Ick, cats.

Start by taking a SEAT.

That is, stretch, exercise, adjust, and treat. Stretch every day, exercise your body and brain regularly, adjust your attitude, and for those with a relapse remitting course, take a disease modifying therapy (at least try).

Back away from the internet.

Researching this disease is smart; over-researching this disease is counterproductive. Stop trying to predict your future or find that miracle cure. You are wasting valuable life time.

dog at computer
I've forgotten my password again. Oh wait: Squirre1

Pursue your passions.

Keep pursuing your passions as best you can. Yes, it might be hard. Yes, you might have to adapt. Yes, you might have to develop new interests. Life with MS isn’t always fair. Focus on what you can do today.

Discover your inner peace.

Get your brain wrapped around this disease. Without finding that right mental space to move forward, living with MS will be infinitely more difficult. You might not realize it, but you are far stronger than this disease—don’t forget that.

Round up your cheerleaders.

Stay connected to friends and family. Having a robust social network is crucial, and keeping attached to world around you is important. Don’t isolate yourself.

dog looking out a barn window
I'm not alone, I'm standing on a bunch of poodles.

There is always hope.

Feed off optimism and hope. Sure you’ll have days when your MS seems insurmountable. When those questions of “why me?” and “what if” invade your consciousness. And that’s okay—throw the occasional pity-party. Then push past it.

Check your ego at the door.

Handicap parking placards, walking aids, protective undergarments—I’ve used them all. They’ve helped take me down the street, onto the hiking trail, and around the globe. Take advantage of the helpful tools available to you.

Seize the day.

No matter what MS throws your way, you’ll always be able to capture life’s sweet moments—those special times that overwhelm even this disease. Hold on to those—and never let them go.

MS is BS.

As always at, I have one simple motto for my friends with MS: Be active, stay fit, and keep exploring! Because MS is BS—multiple sclerosis is beatable someday... someday soon!


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