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Rediscovering Mojo

stop comparing yourself to others, including the old you  //

the importance of taking a SEAT //  laughing just for the sake of laughing  //

how to recapture your youthful spirit

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Stop Comparing

It’s so tempting to compare yourself with others—the healthy, the diseased, even the “old you.” What folly. Stop with the measuring sticks. Be inspired by others with this disease and then do what you can do. Today. And then tomorrow? Do what you can do.

3 min read

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dave laughing for therapy.png


Laugh in Spite of it All

Laughing out loud for absolutely no reason when you have a serious condition like multiple sclerosis can seem nonsensical. But at times it can be just what the doctor ordered. It doesn't matter if you are newly
diagnosed, or have had struggles for years, let it out.

2:39 min

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All members of ActiveMSers get a series of insightful e-mails on how to live your very best life with MS. Some of those letters get such huge applause that they need to be shared beyond membership. This is one—four things you must do if you have MS. Today.

4 min read

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dave in a wheelchair swing at a park abo


Swinging in a Wheelchair

Think you are too old, too disabled to swing? Think again! I'm swinging with my niece Lindsey on an accessible wheelchair swing at A Park Above, a fully adaptive playground in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. She didn't think it was scary. I disagreed.

0:33 min


dave shouting in a tunnel.png


Recapture that Spirit

Having a disease like multiple sclerosis doesn't mean hanging up your fun genes. Recapture that mojo you had before getting diagnosed. Let it out like you did when you were a kid. Yeah, that means it's time
to honk in tunnels!

1:32 min

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dave telling MS joke.jpg


The Lamest MS Joke Ever

Sometimes you just gotta laugh, or in this case groan. Joking about a disability is 100 percent legal when you have a disability, and this one joke will have you rolling your eyes at the sheer stupidity of it all. Warning: Lame joke ahead.

0:43 min



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