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Seize the Moment!

Multiple sclerosis can royally muck up the best-laid vacation plans. The trick? Don't let it. Carpe diem—seize the moment, even if a relapse strikes. Read how you, too, can guarantee a great trip (almost) every time regardless of your disability.

4 min read

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Trails Well-Traveled

MS doesn’t have to be a barrier to exploring national parks. The founder of ActiveMSers, who has explored more than 25, is featured in the Summer 2020 edition of Momentum, the National MS Society’s popular magazine.

12 min read

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Globetrotting with MS

Want to travel the world with multiple sclerosis? The National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Momentum Magazine dished out indispensable, must-read travel advice in their Fall 2017 issue. Warning: features
that goofy dude from ActiveMSers.

13 min read

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Travel Advice from Members

Lean on members for travel suggestions and tips. Learn about RV touring, the best travel scooters, travel agents who specialize in disabled travel, how to find a disabled companion for solo travelers, the worst traveler pet peeves and more.


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Dave and Laura in box seats at Real Madr


Why Travel Agents Matter

Hiring a travel agent sounds like a luxury, but when you have a disability, the assistance can be invaluable. Conde Nast Traveler interviewed me about the wisdom of using travel agents and how it led to a memorable experience in Spain.

9 min read

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Top US Travel Destinations for MSers

HealthCentral reached out to Dave, "essentially the Indiana Jones of travelers with multiple sclerosis," for input on some of the best places to travel in the United States if you have a disability. Now get exploring!

17 min read

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