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Navigating Challenges

pre-flight jitters are natural and healthy—how to harness those concerns  //

when things go wrong on a holiday, things often turn out right  //

a woman with PPMS travels on

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dave in a wheelchair with two suitcases


Confessions of an MS Traveler

I’ve been all over the world with multiple sclerosis. I always wax poetic about my adventurous travels. And yet as a seasoned MS globetrotter, oh so much seasoning, I have a confession. Before every trip, I am nervous as all get out.

4 min read

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dave with bull sculpture in spain.JPG


Managing Curveballs on Vacation

Travel always tosses curveballs into your daily routine, just like MS does. Fatigue can trample you, some hills are just too steep to safely navigate, and at times, stairs are simply unavoidable. Even so, travel with MS can lead to special opportunities.

4 min read

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Irene travels in Italy with multiple sclerosis


First Trip Abroad

When Irene ventured on her first solo trip abroad outside of India, it was also her first trip since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years earlier. What could possibly go wrong? Other than lost luggage and, gulp, an earthquake.

8 min read



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