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Behind the MS Curtain

what’s up with your neurologist  //  the nuts and bolts of clinical trials  //

multiple sclerosis advocacy  //  entering the dens of Big Pharma  //

how to best manage MRIs  //  understanding researchers

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How to Survive 20 MRIs... and a Novel Idea

After 20 MRIs, I’ve learned some valuable lessons that I feel I absolutely must share—lessons that will comfort you on your next tube adventure. And then I opine on whether you really want to know how many brain lesions you have. I argue both sides.

5 min read

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Frustrating Neuros, MRI Tips, Finding Clinical Trials

There are many threads on our forum discussing what goes on behind the proverbial MRI curtain. Worried about an upcoming lumbar puncture (spinal tap!!), seeking a clinical trial, or are you shaking
your fist at your neurologist. You have lots of company.


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Volunteering for Clinical Trials

Patients who participate in clinical trials tend to fare better than those who don't—whether they receive the treatment or a placebo. Neurology Now, the publication of the American Academy of Neurology, interviewed me about participating in clinical trials. To date I’ve done four.

7 min read

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Hope and a Clinical Trial to Halt MS

I went through an experimental NIH-sponsored clinical trial (HALT-MS) for my aggressive multiple sclerosis: a bone marrow stem cell transplant. This video recapping my experience won Fan Favorite at the 2011 Neuro Film Festival.

4:49 min

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