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On Medications: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

how to choose your DMT  //  should you even treat?  //  
balancing the risks and rewards of treatments  
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Going Drug Free: The Flawed Arguments

There are a number of reasons not to take disease modifying drugs for your multiple sclerosis. And by many, I mean three. And one relates to a kitchen sink (with garbage disposal, not shown). Before you make the decision to go drug free, please read this. Please.

9 min read

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DMTs for MS and Personal Experience

There are many threads on our forum discussing popular MS medications. Use the search tool to get specifics on your drug of choice. Tip: try searching for both the brand name (“Lemtrada”) and the drug name (“alemtuzumab”) to get all the results related to a certain medication.


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Dave explains DMTs Multiple


The Frustration of DMTs for MS

Disease modifying therapies (DMTs) are a frustrating but necessary part of treatment when it comes to multiple sclerosis. Why? Because in general they don’t make you feel “better,” they only slow down the disease. But that alone is a huge deal. Cheech and Chong also make cameos.

2:03 min

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Epic First Shot Tale

When I gave myself my very first shot over a decade ago, it was an experience that I’ll remember forever. And, unfortunately, so will poor Laura and the Panamanian MS nurse who had to prop up my lifeless body. Oh yeah, I pulled an epic Dave. What did you expect? 

4 min read

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