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Absolutely Essential Diet and CAM Guidance

autoimmune diets from the Wahls Protocol to the Swank Diet  //
reviewing multiple sclerosis supplements  //  the latest cannabis research  //
complimentary alternative medicine

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Diets, Supplements, and Other Treatments

All members of ActiveMSers get a series of insightful e-mails on how to live your very best life with multiple sclerosis. Some of those letters get such huge applause that they need to be shared beyond membership. This is one—a straight, unvarnished look at MS diets and supplements.

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Medical Marijuana for Symptom Relief

The use of medical marijuana for multiple sclerosis has shown benefit in clinical trials, in particular for spasticity, pain, and urinary frequency. But there are potential negative side effects. We’ve organized all the latest research on cannabis and MS in our forum.


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Cure Thyself!

This piece I wrote for examines the curious trend of complete strangers giving you unsolicited advice on how to treat your multiple sclerosis. (Drink more water???) And the new cure sweeping the internet inspires the ultimate challenge.  Do you dare take it?

4 min read

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Herbal Medicine


Supplements and Alternative Medicine

There are many threads on our forum discussing popular supplements for MS, from fish oil to ginko biloba to Vitamin D. Use the search tool to get specifics on your alternative treatment of choice. Unfortunately, none are proven to help and too much may even hurt.


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Diets for Multiple Sclerosis, Including Wahls, Swank, Keto, Vegan, Gluten Free

All major research studies on diets for multiple sclerosis are posted in our forum along with discussion. Do they help? To date, no diet to date has been shown to influence disease progression, lesion burden, relapses, or disability. But diets may help in other critical areas, research has found.


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  • Before you rely solely on diets and supplements to control your MS, read this first [BLOG]

  • To understand why it's so important to treat MS, some sobering stories are in order [BLOG]


  • Explaining a side effect of medical marijuana using an electric toothbrush [VIDEO]

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